Ban Chan Mural

The mural is part of a re-branding effort by the new owner (and good friend) of CHAO Bistro in Seattle. The restaurant/bar is changing its name to Ban Chan Bar (banchan is Korean for "small bites") and getting a nice face lift with some vibrant artwork (by me) some fresh lighting design by a local group called Graypants, and new custom furniture by a local designer. This is my first mural project. I worked with the owner of the bar for about a week to solidify the concept, which without a doubt is east meets west. Tattoos, pinups, Ukiyo-e, spirits, and more. What is shown here is hopefully just the beginning. Eventually, all things permitting, the entirety of the bar will be embellished. In its final form, the mural consists of 12 different colors. Benjamin Moore interior latex paint was used throughout, and I've got to say the paint is amazing! It never became sticky or gloppy, had great pigment content, and the color matching was on-point (Benjamin Moore, if you are listening... I need a sponsor). The painting, with two primer coats, took around 50 hours to complete.

CHAO Mural
The finished mural. 4:30am, Wednesday 5/18/2011 after working from 5:00pm Tuesday, 5/17/2011.
The completed conceptual sketch.
Fully colored concept.
Project renderings to show what the interior space would look like once completed. The bar area is planned for the second phase of the project.
Here I am, working on the outlines.
More outlines.
My lovely wife and assistant Erin helps to fill in the colors.
Scaffolding made this job about 100 times faster than working solely with a ladder.
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